Seiko-Kai Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Australia
Tournament Training         Our Tournament training was first introduced due to the specific skill requirements that are necessary for tournaments, and also the number of students wishing to participate in these. In these classes we focus on techniques required to compete within the tournament environment. This focus is so students have a better understanding of how their Karate can further be advanced by putting their skills against other styles of karate as well as other students. We have found that with Colin Shihan being a Referee & Sharynn Sensei our Coach, the knowledge we pass to our students has been very successful through this training upon entering a tournament. Another reason for this training was to create a supporting team for other students, now known as ‘Team Seiko-Kai’. This gives our competitors a sence of belonging & gives other aspiring students something to look forward to when they are wanting to compete.
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