Seiko-Kai Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Australia
Pee Wee Tigers Karate Pee Wee’s ages 6-7  We teach a mixture of self-defence, kata (patterns) and sport karate to our Pee Wee students who have begun to grasp the basics of karate. The emphasis is on physical exercise and self-control. Our students learn balance co-ordination, self-respect, confidence, discipline and how to avoid confrontation before it becomes physical. However if necessary, they learn how to control an attacker using kicks, punches, strikes and techniques of restraint.  We understand that Pee Wee’s can be slower learners and also require a different style of teaching and a shorter class to cater for their short attention span. The classes are a mixture of traditional and modern teaching methods with the emphasis on increasing self-confidence while still ensuring that the etiquette and discipline expected in Karate is followed. Grading’s (Belt Testing) There are 9 colour belt levels for Pee Wee’s. In order for the student to see that they are progressing, it is standard practice in Karate for belts to be issued once a student reaches an applicable level and passes the prescribed tests. As further incentive to keep Pee Wees motivated, small tests are taken each week to ensure they are progressing. Pee Wees must obtain 10 stripes on their belt to be enable them to test for the next level. 
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