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Matayoshi Kobudo (Weapons) Matayoshi Kobudo is a traditional Okinawan style that has been taught by the Matayoshi family since the early 1900’s. It has branches throughout the world with its headquarters in Naha, Okinawa. Many people who teach Karate may also teach a bit of Kobudo, that they may have learnt here and there over the years. However Colin Sensei is one of a select few in Brisbane who teach a complete style encompassing many weapons. Colin Sensei originally started training under Arthur Moulas  Shihan, President & Founder of Matayoshi Kobudo Australia in Sydney around 1997. Every few weeks he would travel a 5 hour round trip just to further his knowledge of Kobudo. To ensure he did not forget what he had been taught, he would always practice again when he returned home. This happened for many years and during this time he progressed through the grades reaching 1st Dan in 2000. Colin was successful in obtaining his 4th Dan from Itokazu Seiko Sensei, Gaja Sensei and Matayoshi Soke in 2010 in Okinawa. Grading schedule 1st Dan 2000 2nd Dan 2002 3rd Dan 2006       4th Dan 2010
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