Karate Kids  Karate Kid’s ages 8-12 We teach a mixture of self-defence, kata (patterns) and sport karate to our students who have a grasp the basics of karate. The emphasis is on physical exercise and self-control. Our students learn balance co-ordination, self-respect, confidence, discipline and how to avoid confrontation before it becomes physical. However if necessary, they learn how to control an attacker using kicks, punches, strikes and techniques of restraint.  We understand that  Karate Kids can be slower learners and also require a different style of teaching and a shorter class to cater for their short attention span. The classes are a mixture of traditional and modern teaching methods with the emphasis on increasing self- confidence while still ensuring that the etiquette and discipline expected in Karate is followed. Grading’s (Belt Testing) There are 13 colour belt levels for Junior’s below black belt level. For the Juniors 5 stripes are also required before they can attempt their next colour belt level. These tests are taken every two to three weeks to ensure they are progressing and learning our karate style. Actual Belt testing is held on average every three months (for those who are considered ready). The grading fee includes the test, belt and issuance of grade certificate recognised by the Japan Headquarters. “It should be noted that our karate group does not issue full black belts to anyone under the age of 16. We do however issue Junior Black Belts when seen as appropriate. Upon a student turning 16 years of age, they must retest under Adult grading guidelines to receive full Black Belt status.”
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