Australian Chief Instructor Colin Punyer commenced his study of Karate in 1983. This was the time when the movie the “Karate Kid” was in the cinemas and most teenagers could relate to the story line. The first night Colin walked through the door of the Karate Dojo (training hall) he was hooked, often training 4 nights a week and whenever else possible. There were no kids classes in those days,  Colin had to train with Adults, occasionally getting a black eye or split lip. Due to age retrictions back then he was not allowed to test for Black Belt until 1989. Looking back at this time Colin feels that these hard times made him the Karate person he is today. After receiving his Black Belt, Colin continued training and started to visit Japan to further his knowledge. He has since visited Japan nearly 50 times and is still actively training and learning Karate. “Everyone needs a Teacher” so Colin Sensei says. During 2005 Colin came to a cross roads in his Karate life, frustration had set in and he was unhappy with decisions that were preventing him from continuing his quest for knowledge. But that frustration was short lived, with Suzuki Sensei granting him approval to be the Chief Instructor for Seiko-Kai in Australia. This freed the way for Colin to continue his quest and keep visiting Japan when he saw fit. Colin travels to Japan four times a year to ensure his techniques and teaching methods are consistant with those of his seniors. During his tournament career he gained many first places, with the following results being his most memorable on a local level. NSW AKF Over 80kg kumite champion in 1993, O75kg 1994 Australian Shito-ryu Kumite Champion (Mabuni Cup), 2006 QKA Queensland Veterans State Kumite Champion & 2006 AKF National Champion Veterans Kumite. On an international level Colin competed in Japan on two occasions. He was successful both times 1999 he gained a top 8 finish in kumite during the 32nd All Japan Itosu- Kai Championships in Tokyo, Japan. Then in 2002 at the 35th All Japan Itosu- Kai Tournament in Tokyo, he placed 5th in Kata and made the top 16 in Kumite Since Colin retired from competition, he ss currently the President of the QKA, a Oceania Judge in Kata and Kumite and a member of the QKA Technical Commitee. His love for karate continues with his goal being able to look back and see Seiko-Kai growing. In May 2011 the 25th Seiko-Kai Shihan Menjo by Suzuki Soke, making him the first Western Shihan outside of Japan within the Seiko-Kai Organisation. This was a great honour and a result of his years of hard work and dedication. Colin received his Kyoshi license/certificate from Suzuki Soke in November 2013 In April 2015 due to his knowledge of Seiko-Kai kata he was promoted to an “A”level instructor (only the 3rd person within the Seiko-Kai Organisation to hold this certification). In November 2016, Colin Shihan was promoted to 8th Dan by Suzuki Soke. This was made even more special by being first Western person to receive this honour directly from Suzuki Soke
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